LASCON Speaker Information

We're committed to bringing together some of the best speakers from all around the

About the event

Speakers will be provided with a projector, a wireless lapel microphone and a screen for their presentation (size depends on the room). Speakers should bring any equipment they need to connect to projectors (VGA). It is also suggested that you reduce your dependency on the in-house internet connection as possible.

When the Call for Papers closes, the organizers will sort through the submissions, making their selections. Speakers will be notified as soon as the selection process has been completed.

The ideal presentation runs 40 minutes and allows 10 minutes for questions and interactions.

Each conference room has a projector. Please bring your own laptop. If you need other media, identify that in your proposal.

oca Procedures
point Submit your proposal via
point Proposals must include an Abstract, of 100 to 500 words.
point Your proposal should also include everything relevant to our decision, such as your outline, speaker notes, and presentation slide deck. (Word and PowerPoint are common formats; and they both export to PDFs.)
point Proposals must also include a biography and social media details – Note: proposals will be evaluated on the merits of the abstract, blind to biography during evaluation, but we do need biographies for the program publication & marketing.
point Presentations cannot be sales pitches, infomercials, or obtained via sponsorship
point Company logos are permitted only where appropriate.
point You agree to the OWASP Speaker Agreement:
oca Methods
point Your proposal package will be received and logged in.
point Your proposal package will be given a unique, anonymous identifier.
point Your proposal package will be distributed to a committee of three to five reviewers.
point The decision of the judges is final.
point If your proposal is accepted you will be asked for a picture of yourself. A “headshot” is best.
oca Benefits to You
point All speakers receive full, free admission to the entire two-day conference.
point Speakers are usually given speaker badges, and speaker SWAG.
point For international speakers, if accepted, we can provide a letter of confirmation for your visa submission.
point Your abstract and recording will be archived on LASCON sites. (See previous LASCON conference URLs.)
oca Submission
The deadline for ALL Submissions is 11:59 PM Central Standard Time: August 8th, 2018.