Call for Papers Talk Ideas

The LASCON conference is a premier gathering for software security leaders and researchers. It brings together people in the application security community to share cutting-edge ideas, techniques and advancements.

The LASCON conferences are true security conferences with all talks and presentations focusing on various areas of information security. Topics should focus on the technical and social aspects of security, and should not contain marketing or sales pitches.

To get the ideas flowing, here's a few suggestions:

We encourage the broadest range in topics, from a diverse group of presenters. For example, among the presentations from past conference were these:
point Warning Ahead: Security Storms are Brewing in Your JavaScript
point What Do You Mean My Security Tools Don’t Work on APIs?!!
point Threat Modeling for Linux Containers (LXC)
point What Good is this Tool? A Guide to Choosing the Right Application Security Testing Tools
point Hack Wars - A New Hope
point Mobile Landscape: the Security of Wearables
point Burning Down the Haystack to Find the Needle: Security Analytics in Action
point Authz is the new Authn: Trust Elevation with UMA and OpenID
point Top 10 Web Hacking Techniques of 2013
point Welcome to the blue team! (How building a better hacker accidentally built a better defender)
point Understanding and Implementing Rugged
point Automate Security Tests for APIs with Syntribos, an Open Source Security Scanner
point The Culture of Security
point How Google Turned Me Into My Mother: The Proxy Paradox In Security
point Why Some Multi-Factor Authentication Technology is Irresponsible
See the full schedules of recent previous conferences here: